To Life before the Lockdown

By BETTY M, age 11

Betty M
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I miss you, Life Outside the Gate.

My gate isn't very high, but now it feels like the top is touching the clouds.

Whenever I think about before everything happened, I always think about school.

I've always loved school, just like I love you, Life before the Lockdown.

I wish that everything was back to normal, so I could go to Titirangi and walk with my mum.

I miss you too much. It makes my heart feel shrivelled like the rose petals that have fallen from the rose bush out in my backyard.

I know you are ‘Somewhere Out There’, so please come back.

I feel I am a lonely star, far from every other star. 

Before everything happened, I felt as close to everyone as a piece of snow in a snow globe.

So, if you have read my letter properly and understand what I am trying to say, please come back.

I believe in you.

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