My grandad’s spectacular 73rd birthday

By EMMA C, age 11

Emma C
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Spraying chalk onto my grandad’s driveway

spelling out H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y

tissue on my finger

ringing the bell

ding dong ditching


He limps out with his ragged paint clothes on

huge rips and white splatters

on his brown overalls    

we leap out

from behind a hydrangea

he jumps for joy 


We lay the two cards and the present 

down on the driveway

we step away like they are a ticking time bomb 

he hunches down and picks them up


He reads my card and laughs at my jokes 

a wave of pride washes over me


He rips open the blue wrapping paper

like a kid on Christmas day 


His smile is contagious 

happy he can spend the day with us

social distancing 

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