A family identity

By IHAKA C, age 12

Ihaka C
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The adrenaline pumps,

my family by my side.

Today, like every day

scheduled for fitness,

a session made to grind.


We finish a circuit,

then off for the daily run.

There’s no rest. A lunge,

a squat, a burpee.

Feet d r a g 

out    of      breath. 


We hadn’t worked hard for months

but in Lockdown

our competitive streak appeared.

Exercise kept us fit.

Exercise kept us going.

It was a family thing.


Finally done for the day

back and legs ache

we tuck in for bed.

My eyes shut, finally at rest

until the new day wakes.


The sun rises, slow as a snail.

I can already hear the clatter of weights

my dad preparing our circuit.

Everyone’s awake

we all grunt.

Out on the morning run. 


Loads of fitness-filled days.

It takes our minds off the present.

Yes, it’s tiring and yes it’s torture

but I guess it’s who we are.

The family who exercises  

a lot!

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