The lockdown Lego challenge

By LACHIE W, age 11

Lachie W
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“Mu-um, did you hear me?” I moaned.


“Sorry dear, I’m trying!” my mum replied, sifting through our Lego bag. 


She can’t find even a single red 2 X 1 flat smooth brick? I thought with exasperation.


We were trying to build a Lego scene about a castle raid, but we were running out of Lego pieces. It was all just to fill in time, but I was really into it. And I knew it would look great when it was done, so long as I had every single piece I needed. It was handy that I had Mum and Dad to help me though. They enjoyed it too, of course. 


“Hey, Lachie …” said my Dad. 


I turned around to see him kneeling behind me. 


“Could you find me a flat 1 X 1 brick please?” he asked.


“Sure, why not?” I answered. “And also, how long have you been there? I didn’t even notice you?”


Dad shrugged. “I don’t know! I suppose I was too wrapped up in making my own thing. Would you like to add it to your build?” he asked.


“Let me just look at what you ma— WOW!!” I gasped, amazed. 


Dad had made a whole battering ram, complete with people carrying it and guards dashing away in fear!


“This is awesome, Dad! But …” I pointed to a small part of the battering ram with a tiny hole.


Dad nodded. “Ah, yes. That is what I need that 1 X 1 piece for!” he told me.

“Found it!” I called. 

Dad scurried over and his eyes widened. “B-but how!?! I was looking for ages!!!” 


I patted his shoulder and comforted him by saying: “It’s okay, Dad. I was just lucky!”


“Now, let me just add this piece …” he trailed off. 


Since I had found that tiny piece, Dad helped us search for more pieces. And in just another hour, we were done. We had a celebratory lunch and watched a movie of my choice after dinner. The moral of this story? Good things happen to good people.

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