Masterclasses Term 2 2021 

This term our masterclasses look across the whole

curriculum- drawing on science, geography, maths

and the humanities. 

Eight awesome opportunities to choose from

 Write On Speak Out Podcasting Workshop

Join Pia Titus from Plains FM for a fun masterclass learning how to research, write, record and edit your own podcast. Pieces may be selected to go to air as part of our Write On Speak Out programme. 

Learn techniques in podcasting which can then be applied across all your school work to produce content that is fun, accessible and entertaining. 

Tutor: Pia Titus


Venue: Tūranga

Date:  Friday 14th May

Times: 9:15-2:45

For: Young Writers in years 7-10

Cost: $25.00


 Reach for the Stars  it was a perfect night!

Jenna Heller will be your writing guide for a night under the stars and under the knowledgeable supervision of the Canterbury Astronomical Society.

Note: students will need their own transport to the Observatory in Bells Road, West Melton. Adults may accompany students at an additional cost of $15 pp.

Be inspired by the stars and go on a journey of discovery through the universe. Learn new poetry techniques to combine science with words. 


Tutor: Jenna Heller


Venue: R.F. Joyce Observatory, Bells Road West Melton. 

Date:  Wednesday 19th May 

Times: 6:30-9:30

For: Young Writers in years 7-13

Cost: $25.00

 Printery Poems

Join poet Gail Ingram and the Ferrymead Printing Society to learn about the history of the printed word, and write and print your own poem. Note: this is a two-day workshop. Students will need to attend BOTH Fridays.

Be inspired by using the heritage printing machines at Ferrymead and learn new poetry techniques which can be applied across all your writing. Gain first hand experience of heritage printing techniques. 


Tutor: Gail Ingram 


Venue:  The Print Shop, Ferrymead Heritage Park

Date:  Friday June 4 AND Friday June 11

Times: 9.15-2.45

For: Young Writers in years 7-10

Cost: $40.00 covers both days






 Open the Treasure Chest

Open the treasure chest and discover things that matter. Write in response to whatever you discover. 

Our wonderful tutors have compiled a trove of treasures and keys to inspire your writing. 

Learn how to write a first draft poem or story and to recraft it to create a new tāonga; your writing! 


Tutors: Claire Wright and Desna Wallace


Venue: Kaiapoi Library 

Date:  Friday June 11th

Times: 9.15-2.45

For: Young Writers in years 7-10

Cost: $25.00







 Flash Fiction with Jack Remiel Cottrell

Join one of Aotearoa's top flash fiction writers for a masterclass in the super-short form, focusing on telling the story you want to tell in 250 words or fewer.

Learn how to use language for maximum impact, how to structure narrative and how to weave an emotional arc into very few words. Learn specific flash fiction techniques which can be applied across all your writing. 

Tutor: Jack Remiel Cottrell


Venue: Tūranga

Date:  Friday June 18th

Times: 9.15-2.45

For: Young Writers in years 7-13

Cost: $25.00

 Mathematical Poetry

Think square poems, think poems that start small and grow, think of syllables and stanzas in numbers, think of number patterns, form and sound patterns. Unlock the language of the heart and nature by using the language of our great abstract thinkers – the mathematicians – and discover magical mathematical poetry! 


Learn how mathematical concepts can inspire and drive your poetry. Have fun playing with words and numbers and learn about how we can combine the two to make beautiful writing. Learn new techniques which can be applied across all your poetry. 

Tutor: Gail Ingram


Venue: Tūranga

Date:  Friday June 25th

Times: 9.15-2.45

For: Young Writers in years 7-13

Cost: $25.00


 Virtually Antarctica

Join our Write On team and the Antarctic Heritage Trust as we head south for a virtual day on the ice. 


Learn how to weave science into your writing and how to use the experience of Antarctica to inform and inspire your words. Use your new knowledge of the Antarctic to inspire creative stories and poems. Learn new techniques which can be applied across all your writing.

Tutor: Melanie Dixon

Venue: Tūranga

Date:  Friday July 2nd

Times: 9.15-2.45

For: Young Writers in years 7-10

Cost: $25.00





Your Tutors


Greg O'Connell is a name you will know. He has sixteen poems in the School Journal, and five poems in the Random House anthology A Treasury of New Zealand Poetry for Children. Greg is a performance poet and experienced tutor. 

Pia Titus is a radio producer at Plains FM focusing on creating audio content by, for and about young people. Having worked both in commercial radio and in the youth development space. Pia's current position at Plains FM has brings her passion for broadcasting and love of working with young people together.

Jenna Heller writes poetry and flash fiction. She was the New Zealand National Flash Fiction Day winner in 2020 and appears in the international Best Small Fictions 2020 and 2021. 

Claire Wright and Desna Wallace are both regular tutors at Write On Saturdays.  Claire writes fiction, poetry and also has a mystery-horror podcast. Desna is a renowned children's writer and poet.  She loves verse novels. 

As well as being an award- winning poet, Gail Ingram is also a sought-after poetry tutor, editor and judge. In 2019, Gail won the Caselberg International Poetry Prize and released her first collection, Contents Under Pressure.

Jack Remiel Cottrell is a writer in Auckland, New Zealand who mainly works with flash fiction and microfiction. He also referees a lot of rugby. By day, Jack is a freelance content creator who is always after his next gig. By night, Jack is asleep. Jack is the first flash fiction writer to win Auckland University's $5000 Sir James Wallace Creative Writing Prize.

Melanie Dixon is an award-winning short story writer, novelist, poet and photographer, with work published and anthologised internationally. 



Schools: limited to 5 places per school


Please bring pens/ paper and a device if available.

Free WIFI on site at Tūranga and Kaiapoi Libraries

Bring lunch/ snacks/ water bottle ( We will send extra notes fro special venues)

All of our masterclasses are fully supervised, with Health and Safety information provided.

We are grateful to Creative Communities Christchurch, Creative Communities Waimakariri, Christchurch Libraries and Waimakariri Libraries for their support. These classes are in association with the Plains FM, The Canterbury Astronomical Society, Ferrymead Printing Society and the Antarctic Heritage Trust. 

Places are strictly limited.