Ode to the supermarket DJ

By MILLA Y, age 10

Milla Y
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Hip Hop Dancer on Stage

Dear Supermarket D.J.,


Thank you for always entertaining 

your customers

You are one of the best 

essential workers 


dancing like an elegant swan 

on the supermarket floor, owning it

like a rough blue lake 


We could hear 

your wonderful beat-boxing music 

from the other side of the car park


Biking in with my Mum 

from the back entrance 

the cheering and the singing 

was magnificent. My heart pounded

out of my chest with excitement


You are the best 

at making the slithering snake-like line 

crack up 

and tap their toes and fingers to the beat


You made us all smile 

the highlight of my day!


You are the best disc jockey

Thanks again,


from Milla

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