Taekwondo Zooms

By NERHYS G, age 12

Nerhys G
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Ding as you join online 

the excitement as you see 

smiling faces. Hear the roar 

to get going. Music blasts on 

and you go on mute. 


You start with high knees, 

then go in flicks, finally 

hips twists – Well done! 

you survived round one. 


What’s up next? 

You don’t know – Grab a drink, 

and we’ll get on the road. 


V sit ups are our opening, 

then its a Russian twist with a 

5 kg, next it’s a pike push, 

on our knuckles and wrists. 


The next song plays, and 

there's our warm up done, 

but it’s time to work even harder –


Are you ready 

for some real fun? 

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