the mundane

By PORTIA B, age 16

Portia B
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don’t you find this world absolutely hilarious?

one second, the globe is turning and earth’s on the brink of 

extinction: the next 

the world is still turning, but now there’s also a pandemic —


but the way everyone else sees it is nowhere half as bad

hurrah! isolation, no need for hollow conversations

with people who you’re going to forget in two years’ time

no need for school (relatively self explanatory)

or the dreadful 7:00am alarms snoozed far too often

but here’s the thing with isolation —


it may seem like a novelty at first, the elation of being alone

until the first week comes and goes and now suddenly 

it’s not so fun anymore. you start to miss the routine and rhythm

that comes with early morning rises; you start to miss 

your teachers distracting you with nonsense while you 

procrastinate and replay the same unrealistic scenario

in your head for the twenty seventh time 

it’s just not the same without the guilt 

hell, somehow, it’s gotten to the point where you 

miss the small talk, the meaningless exchanges, 

the awkward no-teeth half-smile people give you when you stroll past —


and then it strikes you: maybe it’s not the mundane you miss

maybe, you miss the certainty 

clarity and confidence that once sheltered you in life —


maybe, you just miss being


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