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Ōtautahi - out and about this winter

Ōtautahi - out and about this winter

An article by Es Pitts, Year 7

Whether you’ve lived in Christchurch for a long time or are just visiting, there are some family-friendly hidden gems here waiting to be discovered. So if you're looking for something to do in the holidays I’ve prepared five destinations.

Catnap Cafe.

391 Colombo Street, Sydenham.

Has going to a cat cafe always been on your bucket list? Well, that dream could just become a reality if you check into this adorable little coffee shop. All the cats in there are rescued, and looking for homes. There are towers, beds, and couches for the cats to interact with, as well as heaps of cat toys. Allergic to cats? Well, fear not, because there's a bit of the cafe without cats, where you still get the scrumptious food and drinks. They also have small badges to offer, with fun designs like alien cats, wizard cats, cats in boxes, and more. Truly a chill, vibey place to unwind. Great for all ages. Booking is essential.

Spooky Boogie.

54 London Street Lyttelton.

This store sits in the lovely port of Lyttelton. If you're into cafes, funky fashion, cool accessories, figurines, stationery, patches, stickers, and more, consider dropping by. They have high-quality merch of popular characters and awesome original designs. Not to mention lovely cafe food and drinks.

Dice and Slice.

181 High Street.

Are you an avid board game enthusiast, who also enjoys good food? Try Dice and Slice. There’s a wide variety of card and board games, for all ages. They also offer a lovely drink menu, with cocktails and mocktails. This shop has an awesome atmosphere and is truly addictive to visit for board game fanatics.

Toy Collectors Museum.

36 Manchester Street.

This wonderful experience sits in an unassuming building set near supermarkets and car dealerships. Head up to the front desk and pay five bucks for a child and fifteen for an adult, then you can cross into this wonderland of a museum. I won’t spoil the experience for you, but the displays of the toys they’ve collected are nothing short of amazing. The toys there are restored and kept in super neat condition. Here children can discover and enjoy toys throughout the generations, and adults can indulge in their nostalgia making it a great time for all ages. Definitely worth your visit.

Ride on Super Sound.

172 High Street.

Now, this brings hidden gems to a whole new level. I’d suggest all of this is best experienced in the evening when it’s getting dark. Getting into this place is an experience in itself. You arrive at Smash Palace, which by the way has an awesome vibe as well, and head up the metal staircase in the corner. Here you are, at this little shop selling vinyl, badges, t-shirts, comics, posters, and more! However, keep in mind that some of the products have explicit language, so this venue is more suitable for teens.

I hope this list can pull you out of your house these winter holidays.

This informative piece was written during an article-writing workshop with tutor and writer, Sue Kingham.

And if you love writing as much as Es does then join in the Write On Winter School- running for 4 days only!

(c) Write On and Es, 2022


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