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A collaborative poem by Rosie, Elizabeth, Lukas, Tessa, Alia, Isla, Polly, Gail

Almost feels like the world’s stopped

spinning, we manoeuvre

off track

for the family on bicycles to pass

you know how hard hit

when you see a dairy owner on the street

pulling a corn husk out of the rubbish bin.

I’ve returned alone

and afraid, but find comfort

in the constant loop of routine

many times

we spent weeks apart

holding hands across the Internet,

I’m glad I’m no longer alone

this was all a rift

in space time.

Last Saturday, our Write On Saturday classes met for their final ZOOM session of the Lockdown. Each member of Gail's class ( Year 10 and 11) contributed a one line response to the experience. These lines were combined and arranged into this wonderful poem.

© Write On, 2020


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