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Radio Play: Problem in the Pencil Case

What do 10 funny punny kids come up with when they get the chance to collaborate? This it what!

"Mysteries and Beyond: Episode 21, Problem in the Pencil Case" was devised and written over two days by Year 5 and 6 students at Thorrington School with guidance from our tutor Heather McQuillan. Thanks to Plains Fm and the wonderful producer, Steph Frewen, for bringing their work to your ears. A special mention to Pete for meeting the sound effects challenges!

The group started by listening to some podcast programmes and identifying the features. Then they collaborated on their mystery idea, devised their characters, wrote monologues and interviews before making selections and putting the whole thing together in this wonderful mystery.

A visit to the Plains Fm studio was a thrilling experience for all!

We're still looking for The Store That You Can't See!

Copyright: Indigo and Write On 2020


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