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Reviews: two adventurous books!

Writing a book review that can fit on a postcard is a real challenge. Recently book reviewer, Desna Wallace, taught some young writers a few tricks of the trade during a Read, Respond, Review masterclass.

Thanks to Telling Tales for supplying our young reader/writers with fabulous books to work from. Here are the first two which will also go on display in Telling Tales.


The Boy Behind the Wall by Maximilian Jones

Would you break the law, just for a friend? Would you die for a friend that you haven’t even met? Well, this is the book for you. This is a law-breaking, adventure, and best of all, a friendship kind of book. The chapters alternate between Harry and Jakob, and I love how they do that because it’s nice to know both sides to this awesome story. The book takes place in Berlin around the 1960s. I would recommend this book to young people who love war, adventure, and best of all, danger. (12yrs+ recommended). Well, what are you waiting for, start reading! Hope you enjoy it.

reviewed by By Yiziyu, Year 7


Heroes of the Secret Underground by Susanne Gervay

Louie has lived a normal life in a hotel owned by her family until now. After stumbling upon an old locket, she is thrust into a world of adventure. Accidentally travelling back in time to 1944, in a Nazi occupied Hungary, she and her mischievous brothers must uncover secrets which others would rather keep hidden. This fast-paced novel would be suitable for ages 9+ and children who love adventure.

reviewed by Ethan, Year 7

Can you write a postcard review of under 100 words? Send us an original review of your favourite book and we'll post it here for others to read. Include you name and year level.

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