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The Great Hall

by Clara Peddie, Year 8


Desks were cleared hastily, all the pots of ink emptied and books shoved messily into leather satchels. The students trooped out of the hall, making sure they pushed their chairs in on the way out. The teachers were strict. The students chattered, jostled and skipped out into the bright sun, glad to be free for the holidays. The teachers walked out the back door of the building, not wanting to cross paths with the rowdy students.


Rows of simple wooden desks with matching chairs stand neatly on the old floor. White stone pillars hold up the dark ceiling. The light from the window plays on the opposite walls, lighting up details of intricate carvings. Air wafts through the still open window, carrying the smell of warm bread into the quiet room.


The morning of Monday, two weeks in the future, will bring those students back again, reluctant to re-enter the tricky world of study with teachers pointing out mistakes, strict routines, and dull homework. The hall will stand tall, glad to have company once more.

This piece was written at workshop exploring past, present and future. We wrote in different tenses using a heritage photograph.

(c) Write On and Clara


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