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The tricks to podcasting

Today, we are at the fabulous Kaiapoi Library for the first day of a two-day workshop with Pia from Plains FM 96.9. These 16 lucky students are learning the tricks to podcasting.

Did you know...

1 minute of audio = about 150 words?

Writing for the ear is different to writing for the eye?

Repetition is essential because people can't go back to reread?

Descriptive language triggers the listeners imagination?

( You probably already knew that!)

There is tremendous collaboration going on as the young writers explore theme ideas, write their voice breaks and select music to match. They will then have time to record, and then next session we will edit. By the end of the second session, we anticipate about 6 hours of podcast shows will be ready for your listening pleasure! We will keep you posted!

A huge thanks to Waimakariri District Libraries, Creative Communities Waimakariri and Plains FM for supporting this programme.

(c) Write On 2022


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