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Winner: The Bear Hunt Challenge

Congratulations to Amelia Saric aged 8 for her wonderful retelling of 'Going on a Bear Hunt', 'Going on a Rabbit Hunt'.

We loved the language and the rhythm of this piece as well as the visual and oral presentation. We can tell that Amelia had a lot of fun writing and making this book.

Here's a message from Desna:

Thank you to everyone who entered the Bear Hunt writing challenge. There were some wonderful stories and bear adventures; some bears met up with aliens or red-nosed bears and some even played soccer. It is always hard to choose a winner, especially when everyone did so well. However, the winner is Amelia who created a short movie of her story including photos of her bears out on their adventure. Very well done Amelia.

I loved reading everyone's stories.

Keep writing and keep reading.

Amelia wins a copy of Canterbury Quake by Write On tutor and author, Desna Wallace


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