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Write On Speak Out - a sneak peak!

We have to admit that there were tears wiped away as our tutors got to hear the voices of the young writers in our Write On Speak Out project for the first time. Up until now all communication has been via email and google docs.

We have loved working with these passionate young people on their writing and then hearing it in their own voice adds a whole other dimension.

We can't wait to share their writing and voices with the world next Wednesday.

Check the countdown on our new website here :

Write On Speak Out : Voices for the Planet 2022 gives voice to the writing of teenagers from across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Here's another sneak peek:

from Monarch butterflies by Lila K, age 13

To those who will grow up without monarch butterflies

or clear skies

to those who will see hives without bees

or trees with no leaves, I’m sorry

(c) Write On and Lila


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