Write On Speak Out: Lockdown Voices 2020

We want to hear about your experiences of Lockdown 2020.


Writing provides young people with agency. At Write On School for Young Writers, we guide young writers to express their ideas and we support their voices through publication, performance and podcasting. 


We are extremely grateful to Copyright Licensing NZ and Plains FM, for their support with our next big venture to give voice to young New Zealanders

The Write On team of tutors will nurture young people’s written responses to the 2020 Lockdown and Pandemic, providing inspiring prompts and taking them through supported redrafting to online publication, podcasting and broadcasting. This mentorship is open to young writers, ages 6 - 18.

Please note that we are accepting responses to the Lockdown only- these may be personal stories, commentary, poems etc. but they need to have a direct connection to the Lockdown experience. We are not currently accepting fictional stories, even if they were inspired by Covid 19.