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What Year is It? Writing Competition

DEADLINE: Friday 23rd OCT 2020

It’s not through yet, and we’ve had enough of 2020 already! So your challenge is to write a story of up to 400 words set in ANY OTHER YEAR, could be 2019, 5 B.C, or 3020! The trick will be to land us right in the middle of the most important part of the story - don’t use up all your words on the time travel aspect - we want to read about being there NOT getting there!

We don't mind how you interpret this challenge; historical fiction, speculative fiction, time travel fantasy... it's entirely up to you. We are looking for a great short story. That means you'll need to need to quickly get us engaged in the main event and the main character.

We know that great writing is never great at the first draft. Take some time when redrafting to add detail, subtract anything that's repetitive, select some great words and read it out loud to ensure that your sentences flow. When you are ready, submit your work by following the directions on our website:

The entry fee is $5 per entry, or $25 for six entries from a school Results will be emailed to participants (so make sure you provide an email we can contact you on!) and the winning stories will be published in Write On Issue 55, December 2020. CATEGORIES and PRIZES:

YEARS 4-6 Two winners will receive a $20 Scorpio Books voucher YEARS 7-8 Two winners will receive a $30 Scorpio Books voucher YEARS 9-10 Two winners will receive a $50 Scorpio Books voucher Many thanks to Scorpio Books for their generosity in assisting with the prizes for this competition.


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