“A great holiday programme filled with fun! Gets your creative juices flowing!” Genevieve, 12


“I liked the rhyming stories and the letter game. It’s very, very fun.”
Ericsson, 10 ¾


Young writers classes are fun and engaging. They have really helped me develop my ideas.”
Hana, 12


“I really enjoyed writing the poem book because you can be creative. (PS You do have a lot of colouring pencils!).”
Chloe, 10


“I really enjoyed making new friends, the kindness of everyone – THIS WAS AMAZING (not lying). Now I know how to do my writing. I LOVED IT!”
Renee, 9


“Really inspiring, an amazing creative and special way to spend a Thursday.”
Amber, 11


“It was great, I learned a lot and I understood everything clearly.”
Lara, 10