Memoir: Keep It Real

Deadline: 22 October

Word Limit: 400 words


Write about something real, something that actually happened to you. Your challenge is to use all your best storytelling skills to bring the moment back to life. 

Draw us into the time and place and let us share the experience with you. 


Year 4-6 Two winners 

$20 Scorpio book voucher

Year 7-8 Two winners 

$30 Scorpio book voucher

Year 9-10 Two winners 

$50 Scorpio book voucher

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Write On - Competition Submission Guidelines, Terms and Conditions


Please read the, competition guidelines, terms and conditions below.


  • All submissions must be via our online form using the ENTER NOW button above.

  • Please take a moment to check your writing- is it your very best work?

  • Have you kept at or under the word limit if there is one ( not counting title)?

  • Ask a teacher or parent to read it over and give you some feedback.

  • Please format your work in size 12, Times New Roman, black.

  • No pictures or illustrations please - let your wonderful writing create the pictures.

  • Please make sure the title of your entry is at the top of your page.

  • All entries will be judged blind, so please do not include your name or school on your entry.

  • Work can be entered as .doc or .pdf files only.

  • Please make sure you pay your entry fee - $5.00 per individual entry, or $25.00 for each six entries from a school. This goes towards paying the judges and some of the prize money. We are a charitable organisation. 

  • No simultaneous submissions - please don’t send your story to another publication or competition until after November 20, 2021

  • If you are selected as a winner we may make small edits prior to publication. 

Closing date: 22nd Oct , 2021


Winning entries will be published in Write On: Issue 57: Keep It Real, December 2021. Winners will be contacted early November, 2021.


No correspondence will be entered in to. The judges’ decision is final.