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bookings are open now for our workshops in schools throughout New zealand.

We offer a number of options for schools and communities of learning and are happy to custom design workshops to suit your children's needs. We have also recently got to know and love ZOOM as a way of presenting Write On Studios. 

    Up to 10 young writers get focussed workshop time with one of our experienced tutors. They will explore a number of first drafts and follow a redrafting process through to one or two polished pieces. We can adapt our workshops with themes to suit your school or Kāhui Ako's needs. Who: Year 3 to Year 13 Also available as a radio play/ show option with recording at Plains FM for Year 5 and up.
    This is a taster or booster session where up to 10 young writers explore a number of first drafts under guidance from one of our expert tutors. We aim to redraft one short piece. We can customise a workshop and themes to suit the needs of your young writers. Who: Year 3 to Year 13
    We can run a series of 4 X 40 minute ZOOM sessions, providing inspiration, guidance and modelling as well as followup with 1:1 feedback via google docs. Between the studios the students write and share work. For up to 6 writers per studio.
    Please see our Masterclass Programme on this site that is open to individuals and schools. We can also customise a Masterclass at your site for your young writers in Year 7 and above. Up to 16 students participate in a focussed workshop with one of our specialist tutors. The purpose is to generate ideas and writing skills in a given genre/ form. Our masterclasses include: memoir, fantasy, lyrics, poetry forms, comic book, story, flash fiction, and spoken word poetry. Please ask if you have another genre of interest. We draw on a pool of talent from within the writing community. Who: Year 7- Year 13
    In a two-day workshop (as above), your children will enjoy the challenges of creating characters and writing for the ears. The script is then edited and Canterbury schools have the option of going to Plains FM to record the play. This will go to air, complete with sound effects, and be upload as a podcast on your website. Link to Plains FM and podcasts.
    An on-going writing programme for schools or Kāhui Ako. We will provide weekly enrichment writing sessions for your pupils. Availability limited. 1.5 hour session minimum.
    Do you have a group of children who have potential but hold back from writing experiences? We can help with small group or 1:1 tutoring to build enjoyment, skills and confidence. A great way to change the mindsets of those children who say, “I’ve got nothing to write about.”

But wait, there's more...

We can also provide writers to speak with classes, do readings or perform poetry. Just ask.



Please email us for availability and costs.


Our Workshops in Schools Programme is supported by Rātā Foundation.



"The programme provided by The School for Young Writers is outstanding. Groups of children with recognized talent in this area are selected to work with the tutors on a comprehensive writing programme. We have seen these children achieve at a higher level, with assessment data to support this analysis."

- Ginnie Warren, St Albans School

"We value this service highly, not only for those students fortunate enough to attend but also for the spin-off effects on other students once these children come back into the classroom."

- Ann Edmundson, St Bernadette's School

"I see a huge need for this type of teaching in our region, where students can be rather insular, so by having an outside facilitator, it provides another avenue to switch students on to writing."

- Joy Baker, Runanga School

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