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By Jodee Madden, Year 6

Dive into a handstand

Bend into a bridge

Leap into an ariel

Bend into a bridge

Leap for the sky

twist your body upside down

and get ready for a good landing

Jump up straight put your leg out and ta-daa!

Some things to notice about this poem

Look at the action words used and the deliberate repetition to show a gymnastics routine.

This could be a set of instructions but it is so much more ... it paints an action picture of a movement sequence.

We loved the humour of the last line! Ta- daa!

This poem was written during a Holiday Workshop with our tutor Greg O'Connell and supported by Creative Communities Selwyn and Rolleston Library. It appears in WRITE ON 51 Fun and Games.

© The School for Young Writers and the poet, 2019.

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