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Challenge: Write a myth

It's Lockdown again and last time we saw so much fabulous writing because people had time to write!

So, once again we'll be providing you with prompts and tips for a number of writing challenges. Take your pick here! And if you're thinking Lockdown head down the list to last year's prompts which are still accessible.

Thanks to our gorgeous, glorious Gail for this writing prompt on myths.

What is a myth?

A myth is a traditional story that explains reasons behind natural events or cultural and social traditions. Typically they involve supernatural characters (like gods) or events (like Maui catching the sun in his net).

Brainstorm an idea for your myth to explain how something was created.

Why does the kiwi have stubby wings?

Why do we fry eggs?

Why does the moon grow bigger then smaller?

Why do we wear socks?

Why is the cabbage tree called a cabbage tree?

Why do we have pavlova at Christmas?

It doesn’t matter if there are already explanations for these things. You going to come up with the REAL story. Wink wink.

Plot your idea

What is the explanation for your idea? Make it fantasy – something that cannot happen in the real world!

A taniwha living underground left his heater on which is how we got hot pools


the Cloud God got a cold at Christmas and his sneeze landed as a pavlova at the hero’s doorstep

To help come up with ideas, brainstorm the words linked to your idea.

Socks = colours, striped, tube-shaped like a hydroslide or hollow tree-trunk or elephant nose, wool from sheep

Okay, so maybe the hero got his foot caught in a tree trunk and it kept that foot warm and safe while the other foot got eaten by a giant falcon, so from now on we all wear socks ...?


a little boy had a pet sheep and he got lost in the forest of wind gods because he was naughty and the pet sheep kept his feet warm so before he went home he made his family some socks to say sorry ...?

What is your explanation for how something got created?

Who is your hero?

Are they super intelligent, strong or super-good at making milkshakes? Can they breathe life into the sick? Can they whip up candyfloss with their fingers?

Why does your hero have these superpowers?

Did the god of rain bless them? Or did they work hard?

Your hero isn’t perfect though! Flaws are faults and weaknesses. We all have them!

Is your hero arrogant, too sweet, too silly, over-confident?

Make your hero sound like a hero from a myth.

Are they the youngest son? The doctor’s apprentice? The chief’s daughter? A tree god?

Where and when does your myth take place?

Choose your setting: time and place.

In a forest? In your back-yard? In ancient times? On the seventh day of the seventh month? In the sky? In a cave?

Now, write your myth!

Remember to introduce the setting, and start the story just before the important event happens.

Extra! Turn your myth into a movie!

You can use the people in your bubble or your toys as actors, while you narrate the tale.

How will you create the setting?

You could draw a backdrop, or use the trees in your backyard.

Ask someone to film it on their phone. Have fun.

Share your wonderful imaginings!

email stories or links to and we will select some to feature on our blog!

(c) Write On and Gail Ingram 2021


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