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Creative non-fiction- Insect Inspiration!

When we think about animals that might need our attention, we often overlook insects. This is your chance to give an insect their moment in the light! Write about them and you could win!

"What is an insect and should we really care about these creepy crawlies? In a word – yes. As American biologist Edward O Wilson puts it, they are “the little things that run the world”.

You are bound to be sharing your habitat ( home/ school/ garden) with quite a few insects. As we go about our day, we hardly notice insects unless they become a pest; ants invading the kitchen, moths eating your clothes, cockroaches scuttling around the cupboards. But without them we'd be lost! Insects are integral to the existence of many other life forms.

Investigate your home, garden or classroom. Which insect family members have you been overlooking?

Writers and scientists both know how to take notice by using our senses. But we also go further than that and think about the significance of what we observe.

Write about what you discover. How did you go about this discovery? Did you start to see insects in a different light?

See here for some writing tips and the details for our latest creative non-fiction competition It's Only Natural.

Word count: up to 400 words.

Years 4-6 - Two winners $20 Scorpio Books Voucher

Years 7-8 - Two winners $30 Scorpio Books Voucher

Years 9-10 - Two winners $50 Scorpio Books Voucher

Many thanks to Scorpio Books for assisting with prizes for this competition.


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