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Fantastical Creatures: Floxmingo

(c) illustration by Yaxin Zhang, Year 8

An Introduction to the Floxmingo

Written by Professor Elsie

The rare floxmingo, or Phoenicopterus Vulpes, has long, orange, flamingo-like legs. Its torso is that of a fox, yet pink, and with feathery wings and a wing span of 95-100 cm. It has a fox-like pink head with large, pointed ears and a long muzzle with a wet, jet black nose. The floxmingo’s eyes can be brown, yellow, pink, or orange. The tail is long and furry with an orange patch on the end.

The floxmingo resides in forests near water in New Zealand, North America, and Europe. It tends to be found standing in lakes on one leg and catching fish. It is an omnivore as it eats krill, small fish, berries, and mice. The floxmingo lives in a small group, called a party. They dig many burrows in their territory.

The sounds it emits are squeaks, tweets, squawks, barks, and yelps. The floxmingo grooms itself with its mouth, and grooming each other is a sign of affection. They are scared of humans, and often stay out of our way. The floxmingo is critically endangered, with only 637 individuals left. It is essential that we cease any activities that cause further habitat destruction and help the floxmingo.

by Elsie O’B, Year 5

Our young writers love creating fantastical creatures and writing "scientific" reports. Scientists and writers both take notice of the details and select specific words.

(c) Write On and Elsie, 2021


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