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Fantastical Creatures: Ignire Vulpes

The Ignire Vulpes (Ignite fox)

Ignire Vulpes is a small fox-like creature that hides amid dark caves, waiting for its unsuspecting prey. They are known for their thin, serrated claws, venomous fangs, and smarts in a fight. Ignire Vulpes has a long, thick black pelt, covered with red markings that resemble magma. Circling its narrow red eyes are three bright orange rings, that are used to see in the dark. Their ears resemble horns and are always pricked to hear even the slightest sound. Starting from their forehead is a mane of raging fire that grows hotter and larger when they are provoked. On their legs are scent glands that release a sickly sweet scent of oranges and charcoal. Because of their heritage, Ignire Vulpes are immune to fire and lava.

by Poppy W-B , Year 6

Our young writers love creating fantastical creatures and writing "scientific" reports. Scientists and writers both take notice of the details and select specific words.

When we heard Poppy read this piece at our end of year celebration we knew we had to share it with you all!

(c) Write On and Poppy, 2021


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