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Greg's Prompt: Share a Quirk

This prompt comes from our wonderful quirky tutor and poet, Greg O'Connell. One of Greg's quirks is that he often wears double tartan!


Sharing a flaw or foible connects us, and makes us resilient, by not taking ourselves too seriously. Write an autobiographical piece (anecdote, story, essay, or poem) that pokes fun at yourself, focusing on a personal habit, preference, or peeve.

Option 2:

Write a fictional piece that pokes fun at an imaginary character, focusing on a particular habit, preference, or peeve of that character.

Greg O’Connell regularly performs his poetry in schools and other venues. His light-hearted, high-energy performances thrill audiences and inspire people to write their own poems! His shows actively engage children, both on- and off-stage, creating a unique celebration of ‘the pure fun of words’.

Greg has loads and loads of poems in theSchool Journal, and five poems in the Random House anthology A Treasury of New Zealand Poetry for Children.

As usual, share your writing to us at and it might make our top picks to publish here on our blog :)


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