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Imagination spurred by art.

by Finlay S. Year 5

The water heavily flows down the maze of rocky obstacles. The clouds gather as if in some sort of meeting.

I admire the view from my lonely mansion on the hill.

My life is really beautiful. I admire it so.

And I can’t wait for tomorrow because of the full moon's glow.

Don’t ask me why because then I will tell you that I'm a werewolf, proud and strong.

I bite other people and turn them into werewolves like me.

Away, away or I just might turn you into tea.

What we noticed:

Artworks often inspire observational and imaginative writing. In this instance, Finlay chose one of Petrus van der Velden's paintings of Otira Gorge. He started by describing what is happening in the painting but very quickly moved into the imaginative. We enjoyed the rhythm and the fairytale-like final rhyming couplet.

© Finlay and Write On, 2020


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