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In Conversation Writing Competition: Prompt 1

When telling a story, we usually use a variety of modes such as action, description, inner thought and dialogue.

Your challenge is to tell us a story using only, or primarily, dialogue. This could be a conversation between people or objects, texting or email, or an overheard conversation.

We are open to poetry forms and different ways to interpret this idea and these prompts.


prompt 1: a conversation between non-human entities

Select two entities that may have something to say to each other.

These could be objects, landforms, types of weather, animals, clothing, food, buildings, artefacts..... so many choices!

  • Think about the relationship between the two entities.

  • What sort of a conversation might they have?

  • How does each one speak? Make sure that the voices sound different.

  • Do they manage to resolve something?

Write out the conversation without dialogue tags or any action. Let what they say tell the story of what is happening around them.

Here are some examples from our Write On Speak Out website: Conversations by Boh and Azriel.


  • Avoid getting into an argument that goes nowhere

  • Play around with the language choices available to your speakers- what vocabulary would they use?

  • Use normal text for one speaker and italics for the other.


Polish up your conversation and submit it to the Write On: In Conversation Competition. Please read all of the terms and conditions here

We will have more prompts up soon!


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