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Keep It Real with Memoir Writing- new competition

Our next competition challenges you to tell us about something that really happened to you. We want you to spin out the story, keep us engaged and take us along for the ride as you bring back to life a significant moment.

Deadline: October 22

Word limit: 400 words

Categories: Year 4-6, Year 7-8 and Year 9-10. Great Prizes!

Some tips:


Writing your memoir is similar to a telling fictional story. You will establish setting (time and place) and introduce us to a character ( you). An event will take place and then you will show how you reacted/ responded/ changed because of it.


Any event that you remember is significant! There is a reason it has stayed in your memory and that reason will have to do with the emotions you felt. Use those emotions to connect with your reader. We have all had funny/ sad/ embarrassing/ scary/ peaceful moments too.

# ADD SPECIFIC DETAIL Help your reader see what you saw and hear what you heard by using sensory detail at the key moments.

Here's a descriptive moment from Nevaeh's ( Year 7) memory moment in Write On Magazine Issue 57. The list of specific foods makes us much hungrier than just telling us there was loads of food!

MY FAMILY GATHERED My family gathered in dribs and drabs around our dark brown kitchen table, full with all kinds of food. Moonwah’s munchable Ma Po Tofu, sweet and sour pork, chow mein and spicy noodles all lined up as if they were soldiers. Hot chips covered the table like a big blanket, pizzas of all kinds cheesy and not so cheesy together as one. Sizzling soft drinks lay around the edge of our aching table. We devoured, consumed, and feasted on food until our stomachs rumbled with the sweet song of being full.

Note to Teachers: You can find some wonderful teaching ideas and guidelines for writing memoir in Gail Loane's book "I've Got Something to Say". If you don't have this book in your school, you should!


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