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Kidsfest Winter Writing School 2022, Day 2

Oops, we were so busy with three fabulous classes running on Day 1 no one remembered to take photos, but Kidsfest Winter Writing School is back!

Today we had two classes of keen writers at Winter Writing School.

Our senior group wrote tiny poems and employed some fabulous crafting skills to create their special journals.

The younger class created, drew and wrote "factual" information reports on their original fantastical creatures. In the afternoon we switched to story mode as characters encountered the fantastical creatures. There was plenty of action, adventure, magic and challenge .... and just the right amount of gory!

Thanks to such a fabulous group of creative young people. We had fun working with you. We are looking forward to Day 3 tomorrow .... when winter is really here. Looks like a great day to write!

(c) Write On and the young writers 2022


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