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Kidsfest Winter Writing School 2022, Day 4

We can't believe it is already our final day of Winter Writing School!

It has been fabulous to get to know all of the young writers who have climbed the stairs to join us on Level 3 over the week. Some have been here for all four days, others for two or three days and some just came the once, but they have all created something fresh and new. We look forward to work being submitted for publication and sharing that with you.

Today our senior class took a turn to script writing. After adding action, tension and character development to a few simple lines of dialogue, we enjoyed some hilarious/terrifying/emotional performances. Later we explored turning script to story and story to script.

Our junior class spent a spooky day exploring things that go bump in the night. Eerily, there was one picture that didn't want to stay put on the board and floated to the floor more than once...

A huge thanks to our wonderful tutors Desna, Gail, Heather and Philomena for providing such wonderful opportunities for young people to create and learn.

(c) Write On 2022


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