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Life On a Cloud: Write On in The Hurunui

This week, three of our Write On tutors have been visiting the Hurunui with workshops at both Hurunui College and Amuri Area School.

It is thrilling to work with such keen young writers. Yesterday we even spotted them reading their poems to their friends in the playground at lunchtime.

Today's Year 5 - 8 group from Amuri wrote this collaborative poem in a few minutes, bouncing off the question "What would it be like to live on a cloud?". They are now setting themselves mysterious questions to write their own poems.

Life on a cloud

It would be like riding a fluffy sheep

and lying on cotton candy

It would be spacy

You’d feel really light

You’d feel the raindrops below

You’d feel the wind whistle by

It would smell of rain before it falls

It would be wet, freezing

but it’d be closer to the sun

Wouldn’t you fall straight through?

What question could you answer in a poem?

Make your list of answers both factual and imaginative and then rearrange them into a poem.

(c) Write On and the Amuri young writers.

Thanks to Hurunui Creative Communities for helping to fund this trip.


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