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Moments and Milestones : Found Poems

Last week, during the Christchurch Heritage Festival, we ran three masterclasses exploring both the heritage of inner city Ōtautahi Christchurch and ways in which we can write about the ideas in our heads.

Our young writers collected words from signs, plaques and poems etched on footpaths. Back at Tūranga they worked collaboratively to form new meaning from their found words, making decisions about order and shape and form.

Here is the first set of two.

City of Art by Grace and Boston

Graffiti, a maze

of patterns


and stickers.

the weeping willow

twisting into art

on the walls

never seen before

fountains donated and


the wreckage of a horse

ramp, designed

in willow branches.

The new is always


walking backwards into

the future.

Recycling History by Katelyn and Ben

Impressive hazard

on the history

of Christchurch citizens

honour women of spirits

for the had a long campaign

walking backwards into the future

Ōtatutahi/ Christchurch

welcomes all people to gather

to rest and to reflect

caught in recycling patterns

of history.

Like Atomic bombs by Peyton and Arro

Are you scared children?

Nobody is coming to save us

Earthquakes cost

weeping eyes

Disaster exploded

warning minds.

Masked leaders, damaged

town centres

and government

sorry I died

shifted through

cast iron and stone.

Evidence connected everything

like three atomic bombs

people suffered.

Courage by Maia and Jordyn

i do not regret

hardship and suffering

strong women met

with death

you'd say we're climbing


they forget

we endure

A Place for the People by Tayla, Baie and Dylan

memorial of women's suffrage

nobody is coming to save you

just don't lose hope.

elimination of racial


the names of atua

in green

a place for the


quarried, carted, hoisted

and carved

they trade leaves for a

song, the land, the sky, the ice, and

the horizon

I'd say we're climbing a

white wall

to heaven

Evolving with the Times by Verna and Harry

Brutalist movements are evident throughout

women of spirit

long campaigned for the vote

A survivor, lost Heritage

saved by the citizens

The best of both worlds

The Journey to Oxford by Lily, Caitlin, Charlotte and Solarah

The tram crossed the bridge

It had a journey to Oxford

The city founder created theatre in the heart of our city

With our own resources we have been prodigal, yet

Our country will not lose the scars of our grasping stupidity

It will threaten your job and hurt your family

It will lead to death, war and mass starvation

The heroes, as they walked away

were climbing a white wall to heaven.

More found poems coming soon!

Thank you to our young writers and to our supporters, The Christchurch Heritage Festival and Christchurch Libraries.

(c) Write On and the young writers


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