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Pocket universe – a writing prompt

A big shout out to our tutor, Claire, for this fabulous fantastical writing prompt.

Pocket Universes

There are pocket universes that exist all around us, although some are less apparent than others. One of the most well known ones is Wonderland, where Alice goes down the rabbit hole in the famous book Alice in Wonderland. Some lesser known ones, ones I know for certain exist, include the Place Where One Sock in a Pair Goes, or the Place Where Lost Things Go.

But there are many more pocket universes around, and I know someone who is perfect to tell us about them… YOU! If you’re having some trouble telling us about it, though, here are some pointers to get you started.

Explain the main idea of this pocket universe.

Is this where all the feelings for our first love flit off to?

Is this where people can only tell lies?

Maybe, people can only speak in riddles in this place.

Describe the most important facets of the pocket universe.

If this is where all the feelings for our first loves flit off to?

Maybe you can personify the feelings like the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out and see them have a tea party together.

If it’s the Place Where Lost Things Go, maybe you can show the leaning, cluttered towers like the Room of Requirement in the Harry Potter series.

Show how the pocket universe leaks into our realm.

Maybe there’s a rabbit hole like a certain tale we all know and love. Maybe there’s a crack in the South Pole, and the Northern Lights are escaping through it.

This is just a starting point.

If you have a way you’d rather go about it, that’s more than okay. It’s encouraged!

While this is an activity that focuses on setting, feel free to introduce a main character and have them wreak havoc.


If you have a writing buddy you could each create a pocket universe and then swap over to add your characters!

Or you could write together on the same doc. Collaborative writing can send us along whole new ways of thinking... and hey it's great to share your writing, especially during Lockdown.

We'd love to read your polished stories up to 500 words. Send to and we will select some to publish on our blog.


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