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Shakespeare and the Pillow

Sometimes a writing warmer results in some fabulous fun writing.

The Prompt: From a book pick page 7, line 7 and word 7 ( or any other number). Repeat. Now start a story and use all three words.

In today's masterclass Read, Review Respond from our different books we got Shakespeare, Pillow and brought.

We were delighted how each story went in different directions. We also forgave that some misheard the word brought and used bought. That wasn't the point.

We hope you enjoy Shakespeare and the Pillow seven ways

1. I should have brought a pillow for the Shakespeare festival as the whole thing was so boring that I could have curled up for a nap right there. Next time I am offered free tickets to the Shakespeare festival I will politely decline.

Ethan, Year 7

2. Shakespeare was in quite a funny mood the day he decided to write Romeo and Juliet. He sat down on his bed and thought about how to start the play. He looked at his pillow and thought “ Eureka! I got it “. So the play began when Juliet bought a pillow. But it was later changed because it didn’t tie in with the play's theme.

Ella, Year 7

3. I was sitting on the floor of my time machine, reading the book Marie Curie brought me after I mentioned I had an essay due on the history of science, when the door opened and Shakespeare walked through carrying a pillow.

He looked at me. I looked at him. Awkward silence ensued.

“Sooo,” I said, breaking the silence. “Why are you holding a pillow? What's the story? Spill the tea my dude.”

He looked at me weirdly. “I don't have any tea”

“It’s a figure of speech, my friend.” I say.


More awkward silence.

I sighed, and gestured to the pillow. It had yellow ducks on it. “Pillow?”

“Oh right. so, I try to always have a pillow on me, so that if, by any chance I have to sit on the floor, I'll be comfortable.” he explained.

That actually makes a lot of sense.

“Also, I use it to shield myself against tomatoes,” he added.

“Mhm” I said,looking at the floor thinking about pillows, ducks, and tomato soup.

Lea, Year 9

4. One day I walked into a bookshop and bought Shakespeare's book Hamlet. I went to a store called Not Just Pillows and ironically bought… a pillow. I went to the local cafe and bought myself a chai latte. Then it was time to go to the park and sit underneath my favourite oak tree on the pillow, drink my latte and read my new favourite book.

Tiffany-Ann, Year 7

5. “Rory let's go to the Shakespeare play?”

“Nah,sounds boring,” said Rory with a flat look.

There was no pause whatsoever and Mum yelled,“Oh come on, you’ll like it. “

“All right as long as I can bring my pillow.”

I’ll snug up in a ball and fall asleep while Mum gets carried away, whispered Rory to himself.

Otis, Year 7

6. One cold stormy day, Shakespeare decided to go swimming at the ‘not so local’ pool. He packed up his togs, his shiny red goggles and a scruffy old towel. Shakespeare set off on his 8.3km journey, in the shallow wind. Halfway on his walk, he got very sleepy and decided to take a snooze next to the river but his poor neck got very sore so he strolled to a nearby bedding shop, and bought a pillow! He slept for a few hours before continuing his journey to the pool. When he got there he splashed around before getting hypothermia, as it was very very cold.

It was an eventful day.

Maddi, Year 9

7. This is it! His first sleepover!

“Knock, knock”

“Shakespeare you made it, did you bring a pillow?” asks Albert

“Of course I brought one!”

Annie-Rose, Year 7

(c) Write On and the young writers 2021

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