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Sleigh Bells in Summer?

More festive writing generated during Write On School for Young Writers workshops at Heathcote Valley School! Here are some special Christmas treats from some Year 7 & 8 HVS writers.

A huge thank you to tutor and poet extraordinaire, Gail Ingram, who has led Write On weekly workshops at Heathcote Valley School for four years! Find out more about our workshop options here: WRITE ON WORKSHOPS IN SCHOOLS

Gail says, "Term 4 has been all about books - learning about layout, page numbers, book design. The children have written nursery rhymes, silly songs, personification poems, contemporary haiku (no 5-7-5 syllable poems here!), and honed their rhythm, rhyme and language abilities. "

See the Year 5&6 offerings here.

Green Christmas

Where is the snow?

Oh, don’t you know?

You’re in the South

There aren’t any ploughs

Well what shall we call it?

I am not sure if it will fit

Maybe green…

Green Christmas

Connie J

Christmas Angel

Out of the darkness and

into the light,

feathery wings

ready to take flight.

A velvety gown

of creamy white,

the halo showing peace

in the blackest of nights.

She rises up,

high up in the sky,

to look over the children

with a watchful eye.

Sian W

Dear Santa

I want…

25 horses (not toys, they won't do)

And 32 cherries (just that number is good)

3 shining castles

And at least 50 chariots

I want to be a princess

And my brother a prince

(I owe him a favour from when I got him last in a water polo race)

Give me 1 million dollars

And 99 bags of candy and sweets

Give me the best grades in my class

And just one more dollar or piece

I think this is all, you should go get it at once

Hurry please, hurry, and have a nice lunch!

Polly S


heaving myself up

only to find

the biscuits are gone

Connie J

Christmas Present

I sit so perfect,

under your Christmas tree,

legs crossed.

My hair is tied,

in a glistening red bow.

I hold a small letter,

clasped in my hand.

linked writing inside.

The baubles on the tree,

sitting up above,

shimmer and shine.

Amie H

Christmas Haiku

a sleigh hidden in hay

sitting still

now on the move