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Speak Out: Lockdown Voices 2020 tips

As you ready your submissions for Write On Speak Out: Lockdown Voices 2020 take some time to consider these tips.

  1. The topic of the Lockdown is already set and will be clear to readers and listeners. You do not need to spend time setting out any kind of orientation. Get straight to the heart of the story you want to tell, or the message you want to convey.

  2. We may have all been in the same "storm" but we were in different "boats". We'd love to hear your experience- what was significant and memorable to you.

  3. We want to hear your story in your voice. Use the words that you use every day.

  4. You get to choose how you want to tell us. You could write a memoir, an anecdote, a list, a letter, a rant, a rave, a poem, lyrics or whatever.

  5. Pick a specific moment or concept to focus in on. You don't have room for a too much more- first drafts can be up to around 500 words but be prepared to cut those down to about 300 words as our tutors work with you.

  6. Use specific words to draw the reader into your experience. If you picked flowers, name them as daisies or hydrangeas. If you filled your bag with snacks, name them as salt and vinegar chips and peanut slabs.

  7. In a first draft, your job is to get your ideas down. Let them flow. You can always sort things into order later. As we keep on saying here at Write On, "Writing is not like skydiving- you don't have to get it right first time."

If you are not sure about getting started, don't worry. We will have some prompts ready for you next week.

We are looking forward to seeing your writing when submissions open on June 8th.

from the team at Write On School for Young Writers


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