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Stories in the Walls

This poem was written during a masterclass Poetry and Place based at The Arts Centre Te Matatiki Toi Ora with poet, Gail Ingram.

Stories in the Walls

Hands reach through the walls

stuck in time, stuck in thought

carrying the weight of the past

lost amongst every crack

The walls reach out

grasping at me to listen

I imagine, almost remember,

the students who once

whispered their story

into old stone walls

The past is safe

a gift of words in the cracks

In awe, I stand listening

Each step carries someone new

Stained glass reflects the light

revealing the shadows dancing

together, yet alone

The walls are built from stories,

solid, made from stone

by Tessa Davis, Year 9

Thank you to Christchurch Heritage Festival and Creative Communities Christchurch for supporting our Heritage masterclasses.

(c) Write On and Tessa


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