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Thankful for Writing!

Creative NZ have just launched their Thankful for Art #TFA campaign.

At Write On we are really thankful for the young writers who have provided us with stories and poems and lyrics and thoughtful commentary over these last few weeks of distance writing classes. We are also thankful that we can use our own words to write down our ideas and set free some stories and poems!

To help celebrate the value the arts are bringing to people during the lockdown we'd love to publish YOUR writing right here on our blog and share with the wider arts community! Open to young writers ages 6-25

So what creative work have you been thankful for over these past weeks of lockdown? Tell us about it whether it was reading a book, writing a poem, watching a film, creating a craftwork, listening to some great music or seeing all those crazy art reproductions on social media! Tell us what has brought you joy, laughter, tears, solace, inspiration, hope and curiosity.

Send your writing to Use #TFA in your intro.

Don't forget to send us your name and age/ school year level.

Open to young writers ages 6-25


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