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The beetle of silver

The beetle of silver

There once was a beetle with a head of silver

The silver he obtained from a strange elixir

Where might have he found this confusing potion?

From a witch’s hut placed by the ocean

The concoction he drank was sickly sweet

If it didn’t have effects, it could even be a treat

His head grew extremely heavy

His tiny legs wobbled like jelly

If the beetle tried to fly,

he would be sure to fall and die.

The witch found him and was fascinated

She thought she simply must encase it

Now the beetle is stuck in resin

unable to escape his transparent prison.

Rylan McC , Year 8

This piece was inspired by the discovery of some bugs in resin in a box in the school staffroom during a Write On workshop. Inspiration can be found anywhere!

(c) Write On and Ryan, 2022


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