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The wrong trousers- a writing prompt.

Thanks to our wonderful tutor, Sue, for this fun prompt that gives you a chance to make your character uncomfortable in more ways than one!

Imagine a character who finds themselves wearing an item of someone else’s clothing.

It could be trousers, shoes, jacket, hat...

Start by describing the item of clothing.

Use all your senses to consider how the unfamiliar item smells, feels, looks, sounds when your character wears it for the first time.

Show us the discomfort your character is feeling.

Do they fall down? Does it pinch tight? Is it just not your character's style? What evidence does it contain of its previous owner?

Reveal why your character is wearing this item.

Have they stolen it? Inherited it? Bought it from a charity shop? Put it on by mistake?

Now make your character even more uncomfortable.


Imagine a scene in which your character comes face to face with the previous owner. What happens?


Take your story in another direction where the item of clothing causes further discomfort for your character!

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