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What Happens at a Write On Magazine Launch?

Have you just received the good news that your writing is going to be included in the next issue of Write On magazine?

Hooray! And Congratulations!

You probably have lots of questions! Here are some answers to frequently asked questions from our editor, Sarina.

You are invited, along with all the other young writers who have work published in the issue, to come along to the launch. You are welcome to bring your whānau friends, teacher or anyone who wants to support you to be in the audience.

When you first arrive please check in with someone at the desk by the door so we know you are there. It will probably be the smiling face of our Director, Heather, or another one of the tutors.

The stage will be set up and all the chairs will be ready for you and your guests. If you want to have a try at walking on the stage let Sarina know before it starts. Sarina will be near the front, usually looking far more nervous than you are, pacing and trying to remember what she’s about to say!

Once we get started and the magazine has been officially launched, young writers will be invited onto the stage (page by page) to read their work out. We will have a copy of the magazine for you to read from, so you don't need to bring your writing with you.

If you don't feel confident reading then you might like to stand on the stage while your piece is read for you. You can make that decision right up to the second you’re about to have your turn. Sarina will read for you if you need her to.

If you don’t come up, then your work won’t be read out, leaving it for people to discover in the magazine later. There will be another opportunity for anyone that didn’t come up, or who arrived late, to read at the end.

Nobody has ever regretted reading their own work. Nobody’s pants have ever fallen down on stage. It always feels amazing afterwards, especially when everyone claps for you.

After everyone has had their turn we’ll have a big celebratory group photo and then head home.

You can wear whatever you are comfortable wearing. Most people wear their favourite clothes, some people wear their school uniform.

Everyone who has work published gets a copy of the magazine gifted to them, but you can also buy extra copies for $5 on the night (cash only please). If you are not there on the night then we will deliver your copy to your school, or post it to you (individual submissions) so please let us know your postal address.

Everyone in the audience loves young writers and their writing, they are all excited for you and are there to support you.

You will feel amazing on the stage reading out your work. Hearing writing read by the author is very special and a gift to the audience. If you’re not ready this time you might be ready next time.

(c) Write On 2023


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