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Winter Writing School Day 1: Monsters and Messages

We had a fabulous start to Winter Writing School 2023 with 43 young writers in attendance.

Here are a few photos- and a glorious example of spontaneous and collaborative writing.

1. Monster Mayhem - saw our youngest writers writing about monsters and making them as mini craft projects. They also built on this terrifying idea: in each of the eleven microwaves in the common room lurks a monster!

2. Snowball Writing with our 11-13-year-olds saw them collaborating in lots of different ways.

When the class was disrupted by some workers on a platform outside the third-floor window, they reacted as writers do — first by sticking signs of encouragement to the window, and then by writing poems and publishing them in a little book. We left the book for Garry and Craig and hope they enjoyed the adulation!

No photos of the senior classes who were all busy writing short stories and/or breaking ALL the rules!

There are still some spaces left for the rest of the week! BOOK

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