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Winter Writing School Day 2: A Quest, Conversations, and Rage on the Page

We had another glorious day of writing at Write On Winter School. It was great to have a mix of familiar faces and new faces. A community of writers has already developed with new friendships being formed.

The junior class ( 9-11-year-olds) went on a quest to write a Quest Story in 4 key scenes. Ideas were bubbling and brimming over as their protagonists left home for adventure. A magical object was incorporated into the story. Rules were made to be broken, allies found, and success came at a cost!

Sorry, no photos of the two senior classes who were heads down and writing for most of the day.

Our intermediate group focused on writing dialogue. Lots of fabulous writing ensued!

Our senior young poets were encouraged to get their rage on the page- we look forward to reading and sharing the polished and political poems sometime in the future.

There are still a few spaces for classes Wednesday and Thursday. BOOK HERE

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