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When My Nanna Bakes

By Adam Wake, Year 7

Smells, lots of smells. I like smelling, and watching my Nanna cook; the deliberate stirring and the concentrated measuring. Sometimes it looks like she exaggerates every single movement she makes.

I like eating her food too, it always makes me smile. But how she does it, nobody knows. How she bakes just defies everything I have ever learnt about baking. Even if you follow her recipes word for word, it still never works out. Her recipes are never exact always a ‘gut feeling’ she says.

I laugh at myself when I try to recreate her baking. It’s a struggle to make something even vaguely resembling her recipes. Her caramel square is my favourite because it melts in your mouth and it tastes so divine. My recipes are never as good!

© Adam Wake and The School for Young Writers, 2018.

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