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We all have something to say: Fresh Voices #2

This past term, six glorious young writers in Years 5&6 from Addington Te Kura Taumatua met weekly to explore facts, truth, lies and dreams through writing. Here is a selection of some short pieces they worked on.

We have been so impressed by their enthusiasm, attention to detail and humour. We hope you love these pieces straight from their hearts and imaginations!

Our Fresh Voices: Writing for Wellbeing project has been supported by funding from the Rātā Foundation.


Red Envelopes Full of Money by Violet

Red lanterns float around 

The smell of delicious noodle soup fills the air

Yummy sweet Tang Hulu is being eaten 

I bite pieces of sugary fruit from a stick

Seeing children smile while getting Hong Bao

makes me feel warm inside 

They carefully open the red envelopes full of money.

Where am I?


The Rainbow Donkey - a twisted tale based on a true story by Koryn

A rat caught a rainbow donkey in its teeth. Gramma Ratatouille, who is part rat, caught the rat in her hands. “Shoo you rat,” she said. And she took care of the donkey. Gramma Ratatouille took the donkey to the vet to check the bite marks. 

The vet said your donkey is very rare and it seems it has a condition of randomly dancing.

The donkey started dancing the Macarena. 

“We have to keep him here forever,” said the vet. “We need to study this condition.”

Gramma Ratatouille made a run for it and she hopped on the donkey. “Yee-ha” 

The donkey started dancing, Gramma fell off. The donkey climbed on her back and they rode off into Candyland and started a Broadway show of dancing. 

NB: we started with a memoir and then changed the details. The result was fun and nonsense and a lot of laughter!


From the tree in my backyard by Nadia

As I pull myself up to my favourite spot in the tree in my backyard, a cicada buzzes right in my face. Terrified, I almost fall off but I catch myself just in time. A startled sparrow zips past my head.

My Mum's cooking smells waft up to my nose mmmmmmm. A sparrow chirps a merry tune, filling my heart with joy. I can hear Kai snoring from here. Maybe she’s dreaming about eating a bone. Tyler and Harper's latest sibling squabble rings in my ears. This is a good day in my household


My earrings by Violet

my earrings 

small and silver 

metal circles 

on my ears 

thin hoops

they make me look nice 

and tickle my ears


A Caterpillar’s Honest Poem by Nadia

Hi, my name is Monty and I am a monarch caterpillar. Here is some info about me.

I love swan plant leaves 

I’m scared of hornet wasps and flies.

I'm still learning how to make a chrysalis.

I enjoy eating.

I've been told that our swan plant is the best in the universe. I've never been beyond our swan plant.

This sounds weird but I have a friend who is a moth.

I don't know much but I know this:  never go beyond our swan plant! 


My Perfect Beach by Louryn

The grainy texture of sand runs through my feet 

I stare up at a bright blue sky 

Seagulls squawk as they glide through the air.

The sun is so warm it could almost melt me. 

The dunes are covered in beige and yellow grasses

The sun is a circle, 

the umbrellas are circles

the ripples around me are circles that spread, then disappear. 


My sock by Koryn

pink, white, blue and black 

pigs fly with white wings

it says “When pigs fly” 

and it has five lines on each side 

my sock came from Ireland 

it has a hole near my toe. 


DAWDLER ( based loosely on a true tale) by Zeta

Tania the tortoise was dawdling her human, that's what Tania thought when she was going for a walk with her owner.

As the sun reflected on Tanya's green smooth shell, she caught her eye on a unicorn driving its car to work. 

In the car were the most delightful-looking treats like Rainbow Gumdrops, Lollipop Swirls, Ice Cream Galore and so much more. 

Tanya just knew she had to get her hands on those treats so she ran as fast as she could, which was very very slow because... she's a tortoise! 

The owner said, “Wait!” but then she realised she could easily catch Tanya because she's a … tortoise.


Truth, Truth, Lie, Dream by Lena

Lena has a way with cats. She has a cat who will never attack her.

She loves to read and write 

She loves pineapples and she will give everything away to have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner ( lie!)

Lena hopes to become a vet or a writer. She wishes to understand animals and she dreams of petting a wolf instead of just looking at them behind cage walls


Ant Tells the Truth by Zeta

My name is Ant. To be honest I don't really like humans because they squash me flat. I'm still learning to run away from predators. I'm a sucker for little crumbs left by school kids. I'm scared of water because …..I’d rather not talk about that!

I've never been on an adventure. Mum says I'm not old enough.

I know it sounds weird but I don't like lollies especially hard lollies.

I enjoy scaring the kids.  I've been told I'm teeny tiny and I'd rather them not call me that.

I don't know much but I know this, big humans sure don't like me in their kitchen. I know that when they yell ANTS!


An honest poem goes astray…. by Lena

Hello, my name is Lena. To be honest I'm not a fan of hard gummy lollies. I'm still learning to speak Te Reo Māori. I've been told that animals can't talk but I believe they can….

…Hello, my name is Dalton meow.  To be honest I hate the way Lena picks me up meow and cuddles me-ow.

I'm still learning to write because I'm a cat!meow

I'm a sucker for chicken kibbles meow 

I've been told that I can't talk meow but I bet I can if I try.

I am scared of water its ssssoooo wwwet.

I've never been on an aeroplane but I bet it's ameowzing.

 I know it sounds weird but I love to eat bread.

I enjoy sleeping my life away.

I don't know much but I know this, meow. I am loved.


My purple polar Fleece  by Louryn

fluffy soft and purple too 

though it's not a shade of blue 

pink zipper goes up and down 

one of the best polar fleeces I've ever found 

keeps me comfy nice and warm 

hugs me during a wintery storm.



Harper oh, you are easy to love 

you are the sun looking down at me from above. 

Yes, you do cry and you do whine 

but I love you just fine.

With your loving brown eyes and your adorable smile

I can only stay mad at you for a little while. 

Your smile worth millions, your laughter like candy, 

your face is still cute even when it is sandy. 

Nothing can foil our fun when we’re together

not even rain or stormy weather. 

(c) Write On and the Young Writers 2024


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