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Mountain of Legends

By Ira Infante, Year 5

A woman rode her five-legged horse to a distant mountain. She wore a black hood so no one would recognise her. The horse came to a stop and the woman looked around.

Letters surrounded her. A tree made the letter Y. Falling snowflakes formed an S. A large rock was the letter O. The woman used the letters to make a word and the word she made was STORY.

She shouted out STORY and a giant boulder rattled and slid to one side to reveal a cave. Inside were statues of all the greatest storytellers and authors – the people who make the legends.

This piece first appeared in Write On Summer 2017-2018. It was written during a two-day workshop in schools titled 'Picture That'.

The art work that inspired this piece is "The Bottled Memories IV" by Jenny Watson which may be viewed here:

© Ira Infante and The School for Young Writers, 2018.

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