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Donald Trump's Pockets

By Matt Bool, Year 8

In Donald Trump's pocket you might find;

Orange tan spray,

A book on how long it takes humans to decay,

Meme of Kim Jong Fat Boy,

A Russian spy toy,

His lunch of KFC, packed with a knife and fork,

And his China talk,

A fun-time nuke button,

And a 'Bless Obama' retirement bulletin,

A spare wig,

Stickers of his face, printed big,

A dart-board of Hillary,

His 'Make America Great Again' library.

A 'time-left' clock,

and his great, big, building blocks.

This astute piece of political commentary was written during a Young Writers' Saturday Morning class.

If you want to do this as an exercise you could list the contents of anyone's pockets! It could be a fictional or real character. Your piece doesn't need to rhyme. :)

© Matt Bool and The School for Young Writers, 2018.

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