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A Three Step Evil Plan

By Holly Davey, Year 7

When my 9 year old brother Max was about 4 years old he would get impatient every time somebody came to visit. First he would lay on the floor making intense groaning noises as if time had just slowed down. He would then proceed to the next step of his diabolical scheme, grappling onto my Mum’s leg and pulling on it until she got so annoyed that she couldn’t tolerate it anymore. When she asked him to stop he would just glance at her blankly and continue to pull her leg. Once Max had enough and released my poor Mum’s leg he would begin the final step of the plan by looking the guest dead in the eye and staring at them in an evil way, slowly turning to my Mum and ‘whispering’ loud enough for everybody in the room to hear, “When are these people going to leeeeave?”

Spinning out a yarn about a family member was a part of a Master Class "Memoir in a Flash". A character description is engaging when it is based on "What they say" and "What they do".

© Holly Davey and The School for Young Writers, 2018.

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